14 Best Los Angeles Dance Clubs for a fun night out in 2023

Los Angeles Dance Clubs
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Best Los Angeles Dance Clubs for people who actually want to dance the night away.

Dance clubs in Los Angeles start teaching, some don’t open until 11 am, but if you’re willing to stay late, there are places to dance in Los Angeles every night of the week. Here are some emotional spots for people who want to actually dance. Clubs are not listed because they are unique, but because they are, at least most of the time, inclusive. Some clubs that are usually included can be exclusive under the control of some promoters. Clubs stop drinking at 2 am, but a few are open until 4 am.

Many LA clubs are short-lived, closing, moving, or building under a different name, so check the individual club’s website to make sure it’s still open.

If you’ve never been to an LA club, be prepared – cover charges are usually $20-40 (sometimes even if they’re on the list, mostly for big brands), beers $7-9, and cocktails $12-18.

14 Best Los Angeles Dance Clubs

Below is a list of the 14 Best Los Angeles dance clubs for those who want to dance and catch fun.

1. Bursa L Club

Best Los Angeles Dance Clubs
Photo Gallery / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Address: 618 South Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone: (213) 627-8070
Neighborhood: Hollywood
Nights: Friday-Saturday
Website: exchangela.com
Buzz: Exchange LA in downtown Los Angeles is A favorite EDM club for those who are more about dancing than seeing and being seen. There are separate DJs on the first and second floors and a VIP lounge area for bottle service. It’s not fancy, but it brings popular DJs, so it’s always busy.


2. Boulevard 3

Address: 6523 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 466-2144
Neighborhood: Hollywood
Nights: Friday-Saturday
Website: www.boulevard3.com
Buzz: Boulevard3 is a large indoor-outdoor venue with A mixed crowd, which is free at midnight in the form of male and female dancers and strawberries. They’re no longer the newest kid on the block, but that makes them more accessible and fun. Always cover, even for the guest list, except for bottle service.


3. Avalon Hollywood Nightclub

Avalon Hollywood Nightclub

Friday night at Avalon Hollywood Nightclub. Photo © 2010, licensed to About.com

Address: 1735 N. Vine St., Hollywood
Phone: (323) 462-8270
Neighborhood: Hollywood
Nights: Friday-Saturday
Website: avalonhollywood.com
Buzz: A mix of live bands and DJs dance on the two floors The club is 18+ on Thursday and Friday and is open all night on Saturday with a separate club after hours on Fridays. Check the website for schedules.

4. Bardot nightclub

Bardot nightclub

Smoking lounge at Bardot nightclub in Hollywood.

Address: 1735 New York Wayne Ave., Hollywood, Upper Avalon
Phone: (323) 462-8270
Neighborhood: Hollywood Nights
: Nightly
Website: avalonhollywood.com/bardot/
Buzz: Bardot A venue with live music, DJs, and a floor Known for its A-List clientele, Avalon’s top dance floor offers a glimpse of the Avalon dance floor below and a glimpse of the starry sky atop the open-air Hill. They are also known for their Monday night school vigils.


5. Los Angeles club project

Address: 1661 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 469-0040
Neighborhood: Hollywood
Nights: Friday-Saturday, plus Tuesday
Website: www.projectclubla.com
Buzz: Project Club LA’s latest club renovation that Formerly known as The Roxbury and before that as Ivar. It covers the warehouse space like a large brick wall and adds new art, lighting, and a sound system. It’s owned by the same folks who bring you Supperclub LA, Lure, and Hemingways Lounge, located at the Hollywood Boulevard entrance in the same complex.

6. Sound nightclub

Address: 1642 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 962-9000
Neighborhood: Hollywood
Night: Tuesday, Saturday, and Monday, sometimes other days
Website: soundnightclub.com
Buzz: Above all, it Sounds like a very good review for the system. A medium dance floor with two bars and surrounded by 2 levels of tables and booths that use the dance space. The current home of the social EDM party is running on Monday nights. Offered tickets are usually available and recommended.


7. Prototype in lot 616

Address: 613 Imperial St, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: (323) 464-7300
Neighborhood: Downtown LA Nights: Choose Friday or Saturday
Website: prototypela.com
Buzz: This dance in a warehouse gallery with a full bar In the downtown LA Arts District is one of the most popular underground music parties in the city on Fridays and Saturdays.


8. Raise the bar and nightclub

Raise the bar and nightclub
Raise the bar and nightclub in downtown LA. Photo © 2008, licensed to About.com

Address: 811 Wilshire Blvd, 21st Fl, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213) 623-7100
Neighborhood: Downtown LA
Nights: Fr-Sat
Website: www.elevatelounge.com
Buzz: Elevate is located on the 21st floor of an office tower. Located in downtown LA across the hall from Takami Sushi. It is an interesting place with amazing views. The dance floor is not big, but it is adequate. This club has been around for a while, but it still fills up. Early early dinner or drinks at the Takami bar and cross the line down the floor to enter the height. The dress code was enforced


9. Mayan Dance Club

Mayan Dance Club

The main room of the Mayan Dance Club in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Photo © 2012, licensed to About.com

Address: 1038 Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: (213) 746-4287
Neighborhood: Downtown LA
Nights: Fr-Sat + Special Events
Website: www.clubmayan.com
Buzz: Club Mayan has three different dance rooms that are for Saturdays and Mondays. The big main floor is all kinds of music on Friday and a tropical, top 40 mix with live salsa and tropical bands on Saturday. Mezzanine is all about Latin dance on Fridays and an exotic DJ mix on Saturdays, with Saturdays adding hip-hop, urban, and R&B in the basement on Saturdays. The crowd in the room varies, but it’s heavily Latino in all shapes and sizes great for dancing.


10. The roof is standard

The roof is standard
The back bar at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Photo © 2008, licensed to About.com

Address: 550 South Flower (at 6th Street), Los Angeles, CA 90071
Phone: (213) 892-8080
Neighborhood: Downtown LA
Nights: Nocturnal
Website: www.standardhotels.com
Buzz: Warm summer nights that make the night in the air Dance freely with the option of cooling off in the heated pool, a downtown LA favorite. The dance floor itself is small, but there is plenty of space. Usually, there is a DJ, but sometimes you can also dance to the band here. Hotel guests have priority access, so book a room to guarantee admission. Friday and Saturday After 8:00 PM, RSVP or the guest list is required on Friday and Saturday.


11. Carbon L

Address: 9300 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
Phone: (310) 558-9302
Neighborhood: Culver County / Westside
Nights: Nightly
Website: www.carbonla.com
Buzz: Carbon is a casual dance hall in Culver City that It’s known for being hot, crowded, and addictive, especially on Tuesday Night Reggae Nights. They play all kinds of music the rest of the week. Without cover, drinks are much cheaper than in Hollywood, especially before 10:30, and there is free parking in the front and back.


12. west end

Address: 1301 5th st, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (310) 451-2221
Neighborhood: Santa Monica
Nights: Wednesday-Saturday, plus closed Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday.
Website: westendsm.com
Buzz: Unlike other Santa Monica dance clubs, the bar or room, where the dance floor is more than one dimension, West End (formerly Zanzibar) is an industrial nightclub that combines fashion and art with music. Combines live and DJ events.


13. Create a nightclub

The latest renovation of SBS Club formerly known as Vanguard has a large dance floor and 3 bars.

Address: 6021 Hollywood Blvd.
Phone: (323) 463-3331
Neighborhood: Hollywood
Nights: Friday-Saturday
Website: createnightclub.com
Buzz: Creating Nightclub is a bit of a mix, with two dance rooms and a patio lounge area. In addition to world-renowned talent, they promote emerging EDM artists. It has been created for your online sales before the sale you know before 11 without patience, Friday night they are Asian night and bouncers who like to round up people by hitting random people.


14. Room in Santa Monica

Address: 1325 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (310) 458-0707
Neighborhood: Santa Monica
Website: www.circa93.com/the-room-santa-monica/
Buzz: Santa’s Room One Little Monica’s with a dance floor is located on the lower level of the Tea Club, with a rear parking lot entrance. Thursday is open from Sunday, but on Thursday they don’t have a DJ.


In conclusion, Los Angeles is a city with a vibrant and diverse dance club scene. From classic spots like The Roxy and The bursa l, A Go-Go to newer hotspots like Exchange LA and Sound Nightclub, there is no shortage of places to get your dance on in LA.

Whether you’re into EDM, hip-hop, or something in between, there is a dance club in LA that caters to your taste. So next time you’re looking for a fun night out, consider checking out one of the 14 best dance clubs in Los Angeles that we’ve highlighted in this article.

Remember to always stay safe and have a great time dancing the night away!

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