Which Corded Stick Vacuum is Best?

Corded Stick Vacuum
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When searching for a new corded stick vacuum, you might be wondering which is best. Here, we’ve reviewed the Bissell Featherweight, Shark HV382, Eureka, and Bissell APEX ZS362 to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

In addition to our review, we’ve also included our own personal preferences, as well as customer feedback. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of each one.


Bissell Featherweight

The Bissell Featherweight is a lightweight stick vacuum with a short cord that converts into a handheld cleaning tool. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver. Its crevice tool is great for removing pet hair and other particles, while its quiet operation makes it a good choice for small living areas. We also found that it cleaned upholstery and hard floors quite well and was easy to store.

This stick vacuum also has great suction and can be easily picked up with one finger. It also converts into a handheld vacuum cleaner so you can clean it anywhere. The Bissell Featherweight corded stick vacuum is lightweight, weighing just 4 pounds. It has a great reputation with consumers and has received countless positive reviews. However, it doesn’t have the best features. Its poor battery life is another downside.

Bissell Featherweight corded canister vacuum is a good choice if you want to clean carpets and hard floors. The handle folds inward to reach the back of the furniture. It also features a crevice tool and an upholstery tool. Bissell Featherweight can transform into a handheld vacuum without detaching the power cord. Whether you need a stick vacuum for bare floors, carpets, or hardwood floors, this can do the job.


Shark HV382

The Shark HV382 corded stick vacuum has a 22V lithium-ion battery and a convenient wall-mounting bracket. The battery lasts for 30 minutes and needs 5 hours to charge. It comes with extra tools and attachments and an LED headlight on the vacuum itself. You can use the LED lights to see dirt and debris in your path. The vacuum’s LED light is also useful for cleaning underneath furniture.

The Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 weighs just under 10 pounds in upright mode and 4.5 kg in stick mode. The machine has washable filters and pre-motor foam and felt air filters. It also comes with a storage bag for cleaning accessories. It also has a dual-brush system that helps to suck up messes and dust. Its dual brush system makes it easy to clean even in tight spaces and is especially useful for pet owners.

The DuoClean system in the Shark Rocket HV382 is one of the best features of this cordless stick vacuum. This feature helps it to pick up all surface dirt, regardless of its size or type. However, it is not able to clean deeply-seated carpets. However, it is lightweight and can be used for high-traffic areas. Unlike most vacuums, it uses a motorized brush to pick up dust and dirt.



The Eureka corded stick vacuum comes with an extra crevice tool and floor nozzle to make the cleaning job easier and more convenient. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for cleaning under the car seat or on stairs. Its dust cup is large enough to hold plenty of debris, making it a convenient vacuum for any home or office. And, because it’s a stick vacuum, you can use it as a handheld device as well.

The Eureka Flash corded stick vacuum can clean hard floors and carpeting. It can also convert into a handheld vacuum for cleaning in difficult-to-reach areas. Other features include a power cord, a two-in-one dusting brush, and a convenient storage base. Eureka has also included a crevice tool and a 0.5L dust cup. Its cord length and swivel steering allow for a comfortable and convenient cleaning experience.

Another great option is the GOOVI cordless stick vacuum, which converts from a stick to a handheld model. It costs $210 and comes with a rechargeable battery. If you have hardwood floors, the Eureka Blaze is a good choice. It’s affordable, versatile, and efficient. It can also clean carpets and other surfaces, such as tile, wood, and rugs.


Bissell APEX ZS362

Corded stick vacuums are a popular option for home cleaning. These compact and maneuverable vacuums are great for floor and carpet cleaning, and can even clean up pet hair and upholstery. However, there are a few key differences between these models and the Bissell APEX ZS362.

This bagless vacuum cleaner has a long and flexible cord to clean floors from floor to ceiling. This vacuum also comes with an extra-long cleaning wand that can be detached when not in use. This versatile cleaner is designed to be the primary vacuum cleaner in a smaller home but is also an excellent second vacuum for larger homes. Its nifty features make it an excellent choice for small homes or as a secondary vacuum in larger homes.

One of the best things about the Bissell APEX ZS362 is its portability. Compared to other stick vacuums, it can be used as a handheld and convert to a stick vacuum. It also comes with a crevice tool and swivel steering for cleaning difficult areas. This vacuum is ideal for light cleaning and offers a long runtime of 40 minutes.

Corded stick vacuums offer better power and suction capabilities. However, they require a long power cord and are not as maneuverable as their cordless counterparts. In addition to these, stick vacuums are lightweight and comfortable to use. With a cord, the Bissell APEX ZS362 can easily maneuver around your home. In addition to its portability, it has a mountable cleaning head and is easy to store.

Dirt Devil Red

This lightweight and convenient corded stick vacuum comes with an on/off brush roll for the best dirt removal. Its swivel head can be turned into a hand vacuum for extra versatility. The dirt cup is removable and easily washable, so you can easily clean any surface. Whether you’re cleaning your home’s carpets or living room, you’ll be happy with this versatile vacuum.

The corded stick vacuum’s 15-foot power cord is long enough to clean medium-sized rooms, and the dirt canister is clear to see when you need to empty it. The vacuum also has adjustable settings for different floor surfaces, including hardwood, tile, and high-pile carpet. It is great for those who are constantly moving around and don’t want to get up to dust every time they move.

The Dirt Devil Red corded stick vacuum’s detachable hand vac offers added convenience when cleaning rugs and other surfaces. The nozzle can be lifted off to easily reach tight corners and crevices. It also features a lightweight design for ease of movement. Its bagless system makes emptying the receptacle easy. A corded stick vacuum is ideal for cleaning small spaces, including those in the bedroom, bathroom, or basement.

PowerFinsmechanismin HZ2002

The PowerFinsmechanic HZ2002 corded stick vacuum is designed to get stray dirt and debris off hard floors and surfaces. Although it doesn’t have the most powerful motor in the world, it still delivers exceptional suction power. The PowerFins design is unique, and pet owners will appreciate the self-cleaning brush roll on the head of the vacuum. It prevents hair from wrapping around the axel.

The HZ2002 comes with a 30′ cord, which makes it ideal for longer cleaning paths. It can also be converted into a handheld mode for easy cleaning. In addition to the hose, this vacuum comes with two cleaning attachments: a crevice tool and a pet hair brush. With a 30-foot power cord, it’s easy to reach high corners and other awkward spaces.

While the Shark HZ2002 has a large selection of attachments, it is less suitable for people with allergies and is also a bit smaller than the PowerFinsmechanismin HX2002. Its small size and lack of HEPA filter makes it a better choice for families with pets. The PowerFinsmechanismin HZ2002 corded stick vacuum comes with a generous warranty and excellent customer service, so it’s important to choose your vacuum based on your needs.

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