7 Wonderful Ways To Organize And Arrange The House

Ways To Organize And Arrange The House
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If you are naturally a sloppy person and you have problems organizing and arranging your home or you cannot put your things in their place at home, then we will mention a series of tricks and recommendations with the help of which you can organize and arrange your dream home to be comfortable.

We hope that with the help of these solutions, you can take a little distance from your current situation and evaluate it; Be able to identify what your home lacks, things that can make your life easier – whether it’s a new way of storing and storing ingredients in the kitchen, the shelves of which are designed according to your taste, personality, and space, or the best way to place things in one of being your rooms.

So, take a look at these tips and try to become an organized person in your home by following them!

1. Home is a place to live, not an exhibition

Be a little realistic, most of the photos of decorating houses and rooms that you see in magazines are only clean and tidy when they are taken; You should see what happens to them in real and everyday life. The floor will never stay clean and shiny after two days of walking, especially if you have children in your home; The cushions don’t stay neatly and nicely in their place, and the tables are inevitably filled with things.

Always remember, it’s better to organize your room according to how you actually use it. It is better for your sofas to be large and preferably washable. Large, colorful rugs can easily hide stains (noticeable for parents with small children), and you need to dedicate a lot of space to the table (especially using tables with shelves underneath for books).

Efficient advice for tidying up the house: the function of the house is more important than its beauty.

2. Mirrored wardrobes are the best options

All your closets should have mirrored doors. These closets really solve many problems in one place: they keep clothes and shoes organized and away from sunlight, and of course, they hide them from view. They also double the space of your room; So if you have a small bedroom, be sure to follow this advice.

Efficient advice for organizing and tidying up the house: you can separate your and your spouse’s belongings by installing a sliding door; So you can easily find them when you rush to find your clothes early in the morning.

3. Creating spaces in the most unlikely places of the house to store things

Are you looking for ways to keep unnecessary items in the empty spaces of your home without cluttering them? This idea from interior design firm Emory Brown can be useful for all homes of all shapes and sizes. If you are generally not satisfied with the design of your home space, you can use the furniture and items in the house to store unnecessary items; It is enough that the space you want is big enough and flat enough that you can put a beautiful cloth and some cushions on it and sit on it.

By doing this, you will not only create a stylish and comfortable place to sit, but you will also have enough space under it to store several items.

4. You can keep your house organized with some strange shelves

Maybe the type and shape of your shelves caused all these problems. If your kitchen is like the one we have shown in the picture, maybe it is better to get rid of traditional and old shelves that only make your small space more dark and dark. Instead, you can use colorful and bright shelves made of acrylic glass; The light passes through these shelves and creates a beautiful, relaxing, and pleasant atmosphere.

Also, these transparent shelves allow you to see things that are hidden in the corner of the wall and behind other items and generally make you have a tidy, clean, and beautiful home.

5. Use a minimalist style

If your home is designed in a minimal or minimalist style, you can easily identify what is out of place. When you don’t have extra items and details in your home when the spaces are simple and not filled with extra decorations, you automatically and unconsciously avoid cluttering the house; In this way, you will always have a simple, clean, tidy, and lovely home.

Tips for decluttering your home: Even if you believe your home should be full of decorations, at least try to get rid of some clutter, especially in the kitchen. You will definitely be pleased with this in the future!

minimalist style
bright minimalist living room design

6. Combine decoration with physical design

If you use colorful details in your space like this beautiful balcony in the picture, you will no longer need complicated and strange decorations that only limit your home. Use plain rugs and furniture, and bring soul and color into your home with real, functional items.

Efficient advice for tidying up and arranging the house: for example, you can put some candles in the wooden candle holder next to your window; Use some box pots and cover the floor with a simple color or ceramic of the same color. Remember, everything you do must be in harmony with everything else you do. Also, stay away from decorations and extras.

7. Design the closets according to your needs

Smart cabinets like the one you see in the picture are very valuable for organizing the kitchen. So if you can make the existing cupboards and drawers in such a way that you can safely fit everything in them, don’t delay. A very important point in this photo is the use of horizontal wooden bars that have been used to prevent glasses and other items from falling on the shelf in the closet.

Efficient advice for organizing and tidying up the house: You can install cupboards and drawers in any unused space in the corners of the house and put your essential and non-essential items there. But always remember this important point in everything, use a structure and system that is in harmony with your personal needs.

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