4 best tiles for small bathrooms

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Looking for ideas to decorate or renovate the walls of a small bathroom? Currently, we can find precious tiles with which to give a personalized, clean and original touch to our bathroom, also prints! Because if we combine them well, we can include drawings and colors without subtracting visual space. Next, we leave you the best tiles for small bathrooms.

The bathroom, although it may not seem like it, is one of the rooms in the house that we have to take care of the most in decorative matters. If we have a beautiful, modern, and well-organized bathroom we will be much more comfortable, but we will also make our house gain value.

If we have visitors and we have a nice, tidy, and personalized bathroom, we will show that we have a neat and cozy house, making the visit much warmer!

One of the most important elements to have a well-organized, beautiful, and cozy small bathroom (in addition to having the toilets and the shower or bathtub in good condition, of course) is the tiles.

The bathroom walls take a large part of the personality of the room itself, so having a bathroom with different tiles and appropriate to its characteristics will be the star element.

And don’t worry if your bathroom is small, because that doesn’t make it difficult at all to choose beautiful tiles.

Today, we can find a lot of tile models and ideas, with different textures, patterns, sizes, shapes… Although there are two very marked decorative trends that have been going strong for some time now that we are going to show you teach next.

4 best tiles for small bathrooms

4 best tiles for small bathrooms

And now yes, we show you the best tiles for small bathrooms following the most popular trends and others (that you may not know yet) and that are coming very strong. Take note!

1. White tiles with black grout

White tiles with black grout (black joints) are in full trend, being one of those most marked decorative trends in bathroom decoration, as we mentioned.

This type of tiles fit perfectly in small bathrooms, being the perfect idea to decorate them in an original, elegant, and modern way without reducing visual space.

And it is that decorating in black and white, if we combine both colors well adding just enough of each one, we will achieve a lot of amplitude, luminosity, and depth, which we need for a small bathroom to be cozy and beautiful.

They are usually combined with matte black or glossy white furniture and white bathroom fixtures with matte black or vintage (worn gold or copper) faucets.

White tiles with black grout
Source: Pinterest

White tiles with black grout
Source: Pinterest

White tiles with black grout
Source: Pinterest

Additionally, white tiled bathrooms with black grout typically include mosaic floor tiles as well. This type of tiles, heavily patterned and baroque in the Mediterranean style, are usually placed on the floor (in the case of small bathrooms) to avoid “eating” too much visual space and not make the mistake of making the bathroom seem even smaller.

However, if we know how to combine and introduce them correctly, we can achieve perfect decoration in a small bathroom.


2. Mosaic tiles or patterned hydraulic tiles

When we place mosaic tiles, or hydraulic tiles with this type of pattern, on the wall of a small bathroom we must take into account a few things. The shape of our bathroom, if it is bright, if we have a bathtub or shower, what colors we want to decorate it with…

If we have a shower, a great option is to introduce the mosaic tiles on the wall that is inside the screen, giving our bathroom a personalized and original touch without the fear of losing meters (visually speaking).

If we are going to place them on the wall (because you have a bathtub or simply because you like it more), we recommend that you do not choose all the walls of the bathroom to place them, and that you choose the freest wall to turn it into the star area with the patterned tiles.

In this way you will continue to take advantage of the width of the empty walls, giving a modern and beautiful touch to the bathroom with a different wall.

About the colors, as we mentioned, black and white are the key, but there are also beautiful blue, beige and gray tones.

This type of bathroom decoration is the second very marked trend that we mentioned.

Mosaic tiles or patterned hydraulic tiles
Source: Pinterest


Bathroom with patterned hydraulic tiles
Source: Pinterest

Mosaic tiles or patterned hydraulic tilesSource: Pinterest


3. Green tiles with glitter

These types of tiles are starting to hit very hard in the most current decorations and in the coming year, we will see them more and more, not only in the bathroom but also in kitchens.

Green tiles in the bottle to turquoise tones are a very interesting option to place in small bathrooms and achieve a very special atmosphere and completely different from the old decorations and also from the most modern trends to which we were more accustomed, such as styles Nordic, where white predominates.

This type of tiles can be placed in different ways, but generally, we find them on all the walls of the room (so you must provide light with the ceiling, floor, and toilets) and also in a more original way, leaving a piece of the wall smooth, usually white, and placing the tiles in the middle (as in the second photo).

Regarding what type of furniture and taps to incorporate into these decorations, it is very common for furniture and accessories (such as mirrors, for example) to be made of wood (sometimes with a slightly dark varnish) and matt black or copper taps. The combination of green with the metallic orange of copper looks great!

Turquoise Green Tiles with Glitter
Source: Pinterest

Turquoise Green Tiles with Glitter
Source: Pinterest


4. Terrazzo Pattern Tiles

We know that many people as soon as they read the word “terrazzo” or “terrazzo” run away. But don’t worry, this material, although it sounds like something old, from the town or from school, has been renovated a lot and currently allows us to use colorful, beautiful, and cozy prints that are great for decorating small bathrooms.

We can find tiles with a modern terrazzo print of the most varied, larger, smaller, of different colours… And well combined, they can look great in a small bathroom.

As with the other patterns that we have shown you, you can place them on the wall that is inside the shower and it is also very common (and a very good idea) to place them on the wall of the mirror and the sink, leaving the rest of the walls free and in light shades.

In this matter, generally, tiles with a terrazzo pattern in shades of blue and yellow, are very successful! Especially for children’s bathrooms.

And about the taps, silver, and gold go great with this type of tile.

Terrazzo Pattern TilesSource : Pinterest


Terrazzo Pattern Tiles
Source: Pinterest

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