The Best Sushi Restaurants in Las Vegas 2022

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Sushi lovers in Las Vegas have dozens of options, but how do you know which one to choose? Best means safe, fresh, hygienic and appetizing when it comes to sushi bars. We’ve got you covered with a guide to the best sushi restaurants in Las Vegas for 2022, featuring only the highest-rated and highly recommended establishments.

The Best Sushi Restaurants in Las Vegas 2022

Here are the best sushi restaurants in Las Vegas for 2022

20. Sushi Takashi5300 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas

Vegas Eater recommends Sushi Takashi at its Chinatown location, for purists who love attractive dishes and an extensive menu of options. The experienced chef previously worked at Tsunami at the Venetian, the Mirage and Mikado before opening his Sushi Takashi restaurant. Dishes are attractively plated with vibrant colors and textures with outstanding flavors. The average cost of a full meal is $16 to $18 with appetizers $3.50 to $4.50.


19.Mizumi3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas

Mizumi is a premier sushi restaurant at the Wynn in Las Vegas, also known for its sashimi. Guests recommend that you visit the teppanyaki room. The robatayaki bar is another favorite frequently mentioned in reviews. Make it an unforgettable dining experience by sitting near the waterfall at the pagoda and taking photos of the stunning scenery. It’s a total sensory experience that begins with the visual beauty and extensive menu options. There is much to admire as you enjoy your favorite drink and wait for the main course to arrive.


18. Kabuto Edomae Sushi5040 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas

Fans of authentic sushi fresh from Tokyo Bay on an express flight must try Kabuto Edomae Sushi. It is essential to make your reservations at least one week in advance of your scheduled trip to guarantee a table for dinner service. If you don’t, you won’t get a seat, but takeout is still available. Kabuto Edomae Sushi restaurant gets high marks for its omakase. Be prepared to pay between $120 and $175.


17. yellow tail3600 Las Vegas Blvd S. Las Vegas

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering Yellowtail is the huge bronze yellowtail fish, which is the restaurant’s mascot and logo. It stands tall on a 25 x 30 foot wall bracket with the Fountains of Bellagio in the background. Yellowtail doesn’t offer takeout, so you’ll need to book a week in advance to secure a table. It is one of the best sushi restaurants in the city. Celebrity chef Akira Back is a noted sushi chef and the owner follows Nobu Matsuhisa, Biran Nagao and Masaharu Morimoto professionally. He chooses from the extensive menu offerings and tastes his signature sake with your meal.


16. Morimoto3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Are you an adventurous sushi lover who craves diversity in your dining experiences? If you’re ready to try something new, Morimoto is one of the newest sushi restaurants in Las Vegas, opening its doors six years ago with a focus on blending the flavors of the West with the East. The establishment invites guests to choose between eating in the main dining room or opting for the sushi bar, or at the teppan tables, to taste the signature flavors of the sushi menu that includes hamachi, eel, tuna, salmon, seared bull and a Choice of vegetable options and five sauces.


It’s an experiential dining adventure with rice cooked in a hot stone bowl at your table. There is something for everyone on the menu. The most popular are yellow tail with rice, prepared before your eyes, ishi yaki buri bop, braised black cod with soy and ginger reduction, various soups, fried rice combinations, and numerous appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts. Those in your party who aren’t such a fan can dine on other menu options, including a tomahawk rib eye steak and more.


15. Sushi Hiroyoshi: The best eccentric kitchens5900 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas

1 Oak Las Vegas recommends Sushi Hiroyoshi on Charleston Blvd for sushi lovers with a taste for authentic Japanese cuisine. The chef is Hiro-san, credited with almost two decades of experience in his craft. He specializes in developing “eccentric cuisine”, served with premium maki, sushi and sashimi. The extensive menu includes many classic Japanese dishes with Hiro-san’s unique twist that sets the restaurant apart from others in town. Prices are reasonable for a restaurant with five star reviews. You can get Yaki Harau Salmon for $7, Lean Bluefin Tuna Akami for $7, Jack Shia Aji Striped Yellowtail for $8, and dishes featuring eel, boiled octopus, clam, crab, roe, egg and more.


14. Sushi Kame: The best personalized cuisine3616 W. Spring Mountain Road Ste 103, Las Vegas

Sushi Kame offers traditional Japanese sushi dishes with an occasional menu update to offer new dishes to guests. It’s a forward-thinking sushi restaurant that received praise from the Las Vegas Review-Journal staff, calling it “the intimate space evokes Japanese minimalist traditions through the use of organic forms and refined essentials, to create serenity and harmony amidst the rhythm.” from the city”. Chef Eric is the executive culinary genius in charge of the crew, overseeing the preparation of each dish served by hand and customizing orders to suit each guest’s “tastes and moods” before the order is prepared.


13. Kaiseki Yuzu: Traditional Japanese Washoku Sushi3900 Spring Mountain Rd, Ste 5, Las Vegas

Kaiseki Yuzu serves traditional Japanese cuisine with authentic flavors and textures developed by Chef Azeuchi, who moved from Japan to the US in 2007 and established the restaurant in 2014. He follows the Washoku tradition, applying more than sixteen years as a professional chef. to signature. menu offerings you will experience at Kaiseki Yuzu. The extensive menu offers a selection of sushi spread bowls, hand-rolled sushi plates, Kanpyo sushi rolls, tuna rolls and their signature 14-piece assorted sashimi set, served with wasabi on the side for $50.


12. Nobu at Caesars Palace: The best luxury sushi restaurant in Las Vegas3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Visitors to Las Vegas have the option to dine on world-class sushi at Nobu at Caesars Palace. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is the executive in charge of famous sushi recipes that stand out from the rest. The place is best known for its signature black cod served with ginger in buttered lettuce cups with sweet miso and garlic chips. You can expect prices to be high, but surprisingly, a cup of sushi is available at $10 each if you order at least four cups with plates ranging from $14 to $42. The menu is extensive and offers Nobu’s signature twist. with dishes that include Japanese red snapper, albacore, yellowtail, tuna, scallop, snow crab, eggs and scallop in exquisite recipes you won’t find anywhere else.


11. Sen from Japan: Nobu’s biggest competitor8480 W Desert Inn Road, Ste F1, Las Vegas

Sen of Japan is known for its premium sushi throughout the city of Las Vegas, under the discriminating eye of chef Nakano Hiromi, who designs the dishes. He demands perfection for every menu item using fresh ingredients. The sushi bar offers specialties including miso soup. Nakano previously worked at Nobu but had ideas that set the establishment apart from him. Signature dishes include Nigiri sushi with two pieces in each order and options like wild shrimp, melted salmon eggs, Japanese snapper, macherel, and flying fish eggs. Sashimi combo and nigari special selection combos are priced at just $35.50 each. Guests can choose from an extensive menu with world-class options at reasonable prices.


10. Yu-Or-Mi Sushi Bar: Best for sharing plates, good Japanese whiskey, and premium sake100 E California Ave, Las Vegas

USA Today reviewed Yu-Or-Mi Sushi Bar in the Las Vegas Arts District and named it among the best places to find fine Japanese whiskey and premium sake labels. The restaurant offers a variety of menu items from nigiri, sashimi, sushi and other Japanese dishes. The quality is rated excellent and the atmosphere is contemporary and welcoming. Enjoy the house soy sauce as a condiment and savor the carefully developed flavor achieved by adding seaweed and aromatics during the aging process. The restaurant also creates share orders for cold oysters, shishito tempura, rock prawn tempura, bluefin tuna caprese and more. It is one of the few places where you will find New Zealand lamb chops or yakiniku ribeye.


9. Kumi: the best place to have signature cocktails3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Kumi specializes in Japanese cuisine with hints of Korean-American traditions, under the direction of Akira Back, also a chef at Yellowtail. His cuisine is featured at Kumi, which rivals Yellowtail with sashimi, sushi, and signature rolls. If you’re a fan of sharing plates, the place offers multiple menu options, including spicy rock shrimp, bluefin tuna pizza, and more. Kumi is environmentally conscious with all dishes created with ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Menu items deviate from the Yellowtail, but the quality is up there with the award-winning competitor. Kumi is known for creating new flavors like his Hot Mess with Crab and Screaming Sauce. Guests enjoy the elegant atmosphere of the dining room with its beautiful backdrop and natural elements.


8. Zuma Las Vegas3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Zuma is a high-end “hip” Japanese restaurant, specializing in high-value cuisine with impeccable preparation, ambience and dining experiences. The menu is izakaya-inspired and has won numerous awards. Rainer Becker founded Zuma in 2017, opening the venue at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. It’s casual dining to make guests feel comfortable and at home, but the atmosphere in the dining rooms sets the tone for dishes perfected before they arrive. Part of the experience is the elegant atmosphere and surroundings, but the food and service are the other half of the adventure. It is known for contemporary dishes, private dining rooms, and corporate dining areas. It is one of the best places for signature cocktails.


7. Yui Edomae: imported authenticity3460 Arville St, Las Vegas

Thrillist confirms that Yui Edomae provides guests with a noticeable difference from its competitors in the field of sushi restaurants. Chef Gen Mizoguchi is an artist in culinary delights. The Chinatown establishment offers diners an elevated “fine dining” experience. Each dish is carefully prepared and arranged to create artistic representations on the plates with exclusive omakase packets. Prices range from $120 to $270 per guest for prepared meals with limited condiments and sauces. Natural textures emerge from the ingredients, like the fresh seafood that arrives daily from Japan. The atmosphere is comfortable and no frills. There is nothing in the atmosphere that can compete with the beauty of artistically created menu items using fresh seafood and other ingredients. When ordering seafood dishes, enjoy knowing you were in Japan earlier in the day. Seating is limited and reservations are essential.


6. Sushisamba: Specialty in Japanese and South American cuisine and culture3327 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Sushisama is at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. The venue combines elements of Japanese and South American cuisine and culture in its historical depiction of Japanese immigration that occurred in the countries of Peru and Brazil. This restaurant is the best option for groups with mixed culinary preferences. Sushi lovers can choose from an extensive menu of sushi dishes including Lobster in Shell Sashimi, Sama Rolls and various items from the extensive menu, which offers dishes from both cultures and occasional mixes of the two. The dining room is elegant with a dark and romantic atmosphere, or you can choose to sit in the Tree Bar under the leaves and fruit of the rows of orange trees. You need to book online to reserve your seats as the place is usually full.


5. Chikyu: the best vegan sushi bar in Las Vegas1740 E Serene Ave #130, Las Vegas

Chikyu stands out as the best vegan sushi bar in town. Chef John Le combines vegetables and fruits with spices and marinades to create signature Chikyu dishes. They specialize in sushi made from plant-based ingredients that cater to the vegan and carnivorous crowds with their tasty recipes and extensive menu options. Examples of attractive dishes include Stream Orchid, which is a work of art whether on the plate or in a takeout box. The drink menu features numerous cocktail options, with a list of “highs” that leave out the alcohol, but boost your mood with a dose of nootropics, also known as “smart drugs.” They are perfectly safe and legal, but don’t overdo it. The restaurant is in Silverado Ranch. You can call ahead for pickup orders.


4. Otoro3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas

Gayot recommends Otoro as one of the top ten sushi restaurants on the Boulevard. The place is located in The Mirage, specializing in Japanese haute cuisine. It is ideal for groups with varied tastes and offers some of the best sushi dishes in the city. You can also find Robata grill dishes and more on their extensive menu of authentic Japanese food and drinks. It also offers a good selection of seafood options for all tastes and preferences.


3. Other Mama: Best for Heart-Healthy Dishes3655 S. Durango Drie, Ste. 6, Las Vegas

Other Mama is a Japanese restaurant offering sushi and small plates with an oyster bar. It’s a restaurant by Dan Krohmer, a graduate of Morimoto methods that also offers a selection of craft cocktails. It’s in a strip mall, in an unimpressive area, but it’s one of the gems of Las Vegas for sushi lovers. The open kitchen and hardwood furniture and floors are comfortable and relaxed for casual dining. The restaurant offers a large selection of heart-healthy dishes for diet lovers. Choose from sashimi and Asian bar menu items with oyster platters, Maine lobster, octopus, shrimp, whitefish and habanero ceviche, and Japanese bar food, with an expanded list of sakes, craft cocktails, and 17 craft beers .


2. Koi: the best sushi restaurant with a view3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas


Koi is a dining experience that guides guests on a sensory adventure from the moment you walk through its Indonesian doors carved with three golden Buddhas, with prayer wheels pointing the way through the lounge to the modern dining room. Sit between curved lattice walls and ceilings lined with giant bamboo plants for a cultural experience that complements the Japanese-inspired cuisine. Uniquely, authentic Japanese dishes combine elements of California cuisine for a new dining experience.


The dress code is business casual and reservations are required. Diners enjoy a view of the Bellagio fountains from the Planet Hollywood mezzanine. It is hidden and you might miss it not knowing where to find this treasure. Food is supreme with sushi platters, prepared with fresh ingredients, cooked foods like filet mignon toban yaki with peppercorns, and an extensive menu. It also offers a long list of creative cocktails and sake labels.


1. SOHO Japanese Restaurant7377 S. Jones Blvd Ste 116, Las Vegas


SOHO Japanese restaurant is one of the best sushi places in Las Vegas. The atmosphere is casual, but the food is exquisite. Chef John Chien Lee has two decades of experience as a Japanese chef. He shows his skill in the dishes that are served in the premises. Sushi rolls are on his recommendation list. SOHO made it to the 2014 list of “The 100 Best Places to Eat in the US for 2015.” It tops the list of casual sushi restaurants with its extensive menu of sushi and cooked dishes prepared in authentic Japanese tradition.


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