Top 20 Sushi Restaurants in Denver in 2022

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Denver, which is a landlocked state, is the capital of Colorado. Therefore, seafood is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think of food in this place. However, modern technology and transportation mean it’s no longer a problem for restaurants to source fresh fish, even if they’re hundreds of miles from the nearest coast. It means cities like Denver can serve up seafood cuisines like sushi. If you’re a fan of this cuisine and you’re in town, you might be wondering what are the best places to eat sushi in Denver. Here are the top 20 sushi restaurants in Denver in 2022.

20. Foraged Restaurant

Chef Duy Pham made a name for himself in various Denver restaurants over the years. He is now an established chef and runs the Foraged restaurant on Blake Street in the Dairy Block. The restaurant is known for its sushi bar, which has a good selection of options, and there are also non-Asian or East-West fusion dishes on the menu. In addition to the sushi bar, guests can dine omakase style, allowing the chef to showcase his skills and favorite dishes. Foraged Restaurant is an upscale restaurant with a split-level dining room.

19. Street Food Style Sushi: Misaki Sushi

You’ll find Misaki Sushi on Dallas Street in Stanley Marketplace, and it’s one of the best places to sell sushi in Denver. Originally sushi was a street snack, so the food goes back to its roots at this casual eatery. There are only a few small tables by the stall inside the market, which has an industrial feel to it, so there’s nothing fancy about dining at Misaki Sushi. However, the food is some of the best quality in the city, with fresh fish arriving daily.

18. Uchi Denver

James Beard Award winner Tyson Cole began opening his restaurants in his home state of Texas. He chose Denver as his first restaurant outside of Texas, much to the delight of the locals. Uchi Denver is on Lawrence Street, which is in the city’s RiNo neighborhood. Cole’s restaurant is located inside a rooftop greenhouse, so the space is flooded with light. Raw fish and shellfish are the centerpieces of the menu, with most items following Japanese tradition. However, there are some unexpected elements that feature non-traditional ingredients from other parts of the world, such as foie gras nigiri and chili yellow tail.

17. Bamboo Sushi Denver

Located in the Lower Highland (LoHi) neighborhood of Denver, Bamboo Sushi Denver is located on 17th Street. It is a certified sustainable kitchen, which will appeal to those who are environmentally conscious. There is an elegant L-shaped dining room, or diners can eat outside on the terrace that overlooks the rooftops of neighboring properties. Seafood is not the only option available at this restaurant, as there are also some delicious meat dishes, including the Wagyu cheeseburger served with grilled shishitos.

16. Best Sushi Restaurant in LoHi: Mizu Izakaya

Along Boulder Street in the Lower Highland district, you’ll find Mizue Izakaya. Everything about this restaurant is eye-catching, so it fits well into the overall feel of the LoHi neighborhood. The interior of the restaurant is artistically and elegantly designed, the food looks like a work of art on the plate, and the cocktails are served with elaborate garnishes. It is open for dinner service daily and is also open for lunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

15. Temaki Lair

The Source is a market in Denver’s River North neighborhood, and that’s where you’ll find Temaki Deon on Brighton Boulevard. Eater Denver names Temaki Den one of the best sushi restaurants in Denver and says it’s a collaboration between chef Kenta Kamo and the Kizaki brothers. There are both traditional options and creative dishes on the menu. Guests dine in an industrial-style dining room while enjoying cocktails and sake.

14. Okinawan

Located on East Colefax Avenue, Okinawa is considered one of the best sushi restaurants in Denver. It’s a casual restaurant serving a mix of classic rolls you’ll find on most sushi restaurant menus, along with some creative and seasonal options you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. If you visit during happy hour, food is reduced and there is a buy one get one free deal on drinks.

13. Eat-All-You-Can Sushi Bar in Denver: Shiso Sushi & Oyster Bar

Monday through Saturday, Shiso Sushi & Oyster Bar doesn’t particularly stand out from other sushi restaurants in the area, serving standard fare, except it also has an oyster bar. However, if you visit on Sundays, which is the best time to eat at this restaurant, you will have a great experience at rock-bottom prices. The restaurant operates on an all-you-can-eat basis on Sundays, so you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your wallet strings. There is a wide variety of dishes available, making it a fantastic opportunity to try something new.

12. Blue Sushi Sake Grill

If you’re in Lower Downtown, the neighborhood that locals affectionately call LoDo, the best place to eat sushi is the Blue Sushi Sake Grill on 16th Street Mall. It’s a restaurant chain with locations across the United States that is famous for its hip vibe. and club. The menu consists of sushi and freshly prepared Japanese tapas. In addition to maki, sashimi, and nigiri, there are also Asian-influenced soups, salads, appetizers, and entrees. There are also desserts and an extensive drinks menu. You can save money if you visit during happy hours. Although reservations can be made, it’s not always necessary, so you can call on a whim. When you visit later, there is a party atmosphere, making it one of the best options for a bite to eat after the movies or to see a show in the theater.

11. Sushi Rama

There are two Rama Sushi restaurants in Denver. The first is on Larimer Street in the River North neighborhood, and the second is on South Newport Street in the Denver Tech Center. Both locations are conveyor belt sushi restaurants, so diners sit at a bar around the conveyor belt and eat whatever sushi they fancy. Offerings consist of creative rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, and diners can accompany their meal with sake, beer, or cocktails.

10. Sushi Bay

Sushi Bay on Tennyson Street is an elegant Japanese restaurant serving traditional Japanese dishes and classic sushi rolls. The elegant and airy interior design creates a relaxed dining environment. Diners say the prices are reasonable, especially when visiting during happy hours, and the quality of the food is excellent. They also say that the menu is extensive, the service is friendly and there is a great atmosphere overall. In addition to dining in, there are also takeout and delivery options.

9. Ronin Sushi

Sushi Ronan of Umatilla Street is known locally for its artistic sushi presentations. The restaurant is not only known for its sushi, but also for its hot and seared Japanese dishes. So if the raw protein isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options on the menu that you might prefer. The restaurant is also praised for its excellent sake menu, with most diners ordering sake to accompany their meal. If you feel like trying the food but don’t have time to dine at the restaurant, it’s worth knowing that they also offer curbside pickup and contactless delivery.

8. Matsuhisa Denver

Matsuhisa Denver is one of the restaurants owned by acclaimed chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who is one of the most famous Japanese chefs in the world. The a la carte menu consists predominantly of Japanese seafood options, and there is also a tasting menu developed by Matsuhisa that allows diners to sample a variety of small plates. Internally, the restaurant is simple and sophisticated.

7. Hapa Sushi

Hapa Sushi is a local chain restaurant, and there are several locations in downtown Denver, including one on Blake Street. It is one of the most affordable options in the city and the service is fast and friendly. The menu features a good mix of raw protein, healthy options, and fried options, and many of the items have funny or quirky names. All locations are open for lunch and dinner service.

6. Denver’s Best Sushi for Lunch: Namiko’s

Don’t be put off by Namiko’s mall location on West 52nd Avenue as it consistently produces high-quality sushi and has a loyal local customer base. It’s one of the best places for sushi at lunchtime, and the restaurant also offers takeout service. It is a favorite among female foodies due to the wide variety of sushi, including rolls for each of the astrological signs. Those who choose to eat in the small restaurant will be able to dine next to the fish tank, which is ironic considering what’s on the menu.

5. Tokyo

You’ll find Tokyo on Huron Street in Denver, and its name is a play on Japan’s capital. Some of the prices may initially alarm you, but it’s well worth the cost as the sushi rolls and sashimi are cut larger than what you’ll find at other Denver sushi restaurants. Therefore, it offers better value for money than you originally thought. For the best experience, sit at the bar so you can watch the food being prepared and order the chef’s choice.

4. Izakaya Lair

Izakaya Den is often compared to Sushi Den, as both restaurants source their fish and seafood from the same Tokyo markets. However, the main difference between the two is the atmosphere, as Izakaya Den has a more modern and lively feel. Another difference is that although Izakaya Den is a sushi restaurant, it also has a tapas menu, which means there are options for people in your group who aren’t sushi fans. You’ll find this restaurant on South Pearl Street in the Platt Park area of ​​the city.

3. Best Sushi Restaurant for Groups: Sushi Hai

Those dining out with family or a group of friends should try Sushi Hai as it is one of the best options for larger groups. It is a lively restaurant that is great for families early in the evening due to the relaxed atmosphere and ideal for groups of friends who want to enjoy a drink later in the evening when the restaurant gets a little noisier. Sushi Hai has one of the most extensive sushi menus in Denver.

2. Sasa Sushi

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, Sushi Sasa on 15th Street is a great option, as it’s one of Denver’s most elegant sushi restaurants. It’s where people go whether it’s for a celebratory meal or an intimate dinner. The restaurant has a Japanese style that is modern and minimalist, and the menu consists of sophisticated Japanese cuisine. If the full dining experience is too much for you, then you may prefer to dine in the restaurant during happy hours when the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed and you can sample some of the restaurant’s elegant dishes at a reduced price.

1. Best overall sushi restaurant in Denver: Sushi Den

According to The Infatuation Denver, the best overall sushi restaurant in Denver is Sushi Den on South Pearl Street. Some would say it’s also one of the best sushi options in Colorado. Fresh fish and seafood arrive daily from Tokyo’s Japanese markets. There are several ways to dine at the restaurant, including the omakase menu, which allows you to sample the chef’s best offerings. The other option is to sit at the sushi bar and watch the knives work and the rolls being prepared, which adds an element of entertainment to the dining experience.

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