10 Powerful Morning Prayer for Students

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Why bb10 Powerful Morning Prayer for Students?

Before going to class there is nothing better than praying for students.

It is through this prayer that God will help you understand and retain everything you learn during your studies. In the same way, this prayer serves to ask for wisdom in case you have an evaluation today. I assure you that God will listen to your request and if you ask with faith, He will answer you and you will see how His hand of power works in your studies. I invite you to continue reading and recite the following prayer

How to make a prayer for school?

The prayers for school are those that children perform, to ask God to open their minds, so that their level of knowledge and wisdom is higher.



In this way, they will be able to learn their contents more easily, for this they must take a prayer posture: making the cross, joining their hands and closing their eyes, it must be done before starting the class .

Prayer for children who attend school

Good morning daddy God:

On this new day we want to thank you for giving us the gift of life,

Thank you for allowing us all to arrive at the classroom safe and sound,

Bless and enlighten our teacher so that all his words are wise like yours,

Help us to understand all the contents, that our teacher wants to let us know,

Make us more intelligent and humble people of heart, Amen


Prayer for my son to be a good student

If you are looking for a prayer for your son to be a good student, then nothing better than a prayer full of faith and help him in his school activities.

Powerful and heavenly Father, you who attend to the calls of your children, on this new day I come to ask you for mine.

I want to ask you to please help him,

Allow that, in class, you can understand all the contents, and fill it with much wisdom,

Let him be one of the best and may he achieve each and every one of his goals,

May your divine presence always accompany him to be the good student that I long for,

Fill it with humility, love and sincerity

Do not allow him to take evil paths and always show him the path of truth, Amen


Morning prayer for the good student

I thank you Lord for giving me the parents I have. They care about me in every way, they provide me with all the study material I need. Bless them Lord.

My Lord, you are my guide and my great inspiration Grant me wisdom. to know more and teach others to contribute to making a fairer world and for peace, justice and equity to prevail.

I ask you, Lord, to allow me to see things very clearly, to be more objective and thoughtful in my studies.

I ask you, Lord, to allow me to see things very

Allow my teaching-learning process to raise my level of consciousness that contributes to my classmates being interested in learning, to love you and love you like me.

May you be my help in times of difficulty My inspiration is your Lord, my heart loves you And our love is reciprocal, help all the children of the world I ask you Lord my God, Amen



Prayer to the holy spirit for study

Make this prayer to the Holy Spirit to help you in your studies and that you do well in school

Oh… Holy Spirit I ask you to give my thoughts a lot of clarity.

Give me strength to understand the power of knowledge May I be one of the best in class in my studies

Thank you for guiding me and guiding me, enlighten my mind

Thank you for being so kind, I am your servant Fill my heart with love, humility and simplicity to help my colleagues.

My father, I am your son, lead me on the path of light. Take my hand and take me with you, I am very grateful because You are our protective guide.

Deliver me from evil, envy and greed that does not touch my heart, Amen.



Prayer for wisdom

Beautiful prayer to ask the Lord for wisdom and thus know how to make the best decisions in your life 🙏

My Father, thank you for listening to me, your mercy is infinite.

I ask you, Lord, to fill my spirit with wisdom and knowledge to fully fulfill the tasks and purposes that you grant me on this earth.

Help me to order my life and act according to your teachings. You who are my light Lord, remove from me all kinds of darkness

I wish to walk under the wisdom of your being and go on the path of love.

Give me the strength I need and the wisdom to trust you more, fearlessly and courageously.

Lead me safe and sound on the path of good, to achieve spiritual purity, Amen


Prayer to study and concentrate

As we know, the study demands a lot of concentration to be able to assimilate what we study and in this but small sentence we capture everything you need to be able to concentrate and perform in what you seek to learn 😉

My almighty God, this time I come to you once again to ask for help in my studies. As you know, I am a young person and sometimes I lose focus quickly for anything.

Today I ask you to help me stay focused on my studies so that I can get good grades and thus bring joy to my parents.

Today I ask you to make wisdom my sister and that intelligence is in my blood.

Only Your beloved father can help me to be a better student, I want to be an honor for my parents.

Today I not only come to ask you, but also to seek wisdom knowing that I will find it in you.

Today I fully declare myself a person focused and prepared to study in the name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer for my classmates


Father, as we begin this new course

I want to ask you for all my classmates. I know some of them from last year, but new ones have entered and I don’t know them that well…

You know them all, you know their strengths and weaknesses, you understand better than anyone whose foot they limp on and what they need help with.

You, Lord, who are kind and faithful, who love us a lot, and I don’t because we’re good kids… no, no, You love us “just because” and that makes me feel happy.

Teach me to love them all, not because I like them or have the same tastes as me, but because they are your Children and, therefore, also my Brothers.

Give me the courage to approach the weakest, those with the least abilities, those who lack friends, those who come from distant lands…

I thank you Father, because you have given me companions and friends, each of them is a gift to me.

Give me your gaze to contemplate them, your hands to help them, your smile to amuse them, your intelligence to teach them

and above all, Father, give me your heart, yes, your huge heart, so that I never stop loving them.



Prayer for me to do well before an exam

Getting good grades and being among the first students in a class is the dream of every parent for their children, but it is not always an easy task, in fact it is well known that there is always that we master some subjects more than others.


It is precisely in those other subjects of study where it is most difficult for us to learn, and many of us worry when studying, to the point that we block ourselves and what we learn is really little.


That is why it is good to have a habit of studying and preferably at dawn (the best time to learn and study ) and what better way to start your studies than with this little prayer:

My beloved Father, I come to you once again, first to thank you for all the opportunities you give me.

During all my studies I have been able to see how you have helped me get ahead in the midst of adversity

My God, on this day I present myself to you because you know that I have a difficult exam and I know that if you are by my side I am filled with confidence.

You know that I studied a lot and I ask you to help my mind remember all the things I have studied.

I ask that when I see the questions, the problems, help me remember everything I have studied

I declare in the name of Jesus Christ that I will get the best grade in this exam because you are with me

Fill me with your peace, tranquility, confidence and that it is you writing the answers to each and every one of the questions



Prayer before a difficult exam

God the Father, in a few minutes I will present a very important exam for me,

I want to ask you to please enlighten and keep my mind calm, so that everything I learned with great effort will not be forgotten by my nerves,

Fill me with much wisdom and knowledge, allow me to reach the note that I so desire and do not allow me to lose this test,



college student prayer

As we know, a university career is the last step before entering professional life, but there is an old saying: It is easy to enter, the difficult thing is to leave.

This means that if you have reached the university, well, congratulations! But now you have a greater challenge, to finish it, and it is well known that not everyone completes the degree. In fact, when the years go by, you will see how each time the group with which you start decreases.

In this prayer you ask God to help you day by day and keep you there, remember you must put in your effort to finish it because it will not be easy, but it will not be difficult either, but with the Lord, things are more bearable, amen

My Beloved God, I introduce myself to you once to thank you for each of the stages that you have allowed me to live.

Thank you because you have been with me since high school, high school and now you are with me in college.

I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ to guide me as a university student, you know that these are new difficult challenges

University is not easy because it is already a different mentality, other friends, I only ask you to be with me in every step I take.

Fill me with wisdom to be an outstanding university student, that I can be focused on my career to graduate with honors.


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