How to take good photos of yourself – Tricks to look beautiful in pictures

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Immortalize your best moments and always look beautiful in photos with a few simple tricks. Don’t get caught off guard!

If you don’t like being photographed because you always look bad, maybe it’s not that you’re not photogenic but that you just don’t know how to pose for the camera. Learn to give life to your image to be favoured in the photos. Write down these tricks to choose clothes and adopt postures that stylize your figure, as well as makeup and gestures that make you more attractive.

Clothes to be favoured in the photos

Stylize your figure with clothes. Highlight your virtues with colours, patterns or details and hide your shortcomings with plain dark-coloured garments (black, navy blue, chocolate…). Do not forget to find a point of light near the face (necklace, scarf, earrings) to illuminate it. High -rise shoes will always make you look taller and slimmer, with longer legs.

Posture to be favoured in the photos

Very important in full body photos!

upright posture

Stand straight but relaxed, with nothing to get stiff. Stretch your neck a little to lengthen it and tilt your head down and your chin forward, to avoid the double chin effect. Open your shoulders back and stick your chest out, yes, always naturally and without forcing, with your abdomen inward. You will avoid that it seems that you are stooped and you will add cm of height. In addition, your bust will look slimmer and the tummy will stretch, visually reducing it. The arms dropped and close to the body make you look thicker and you more languid, try to put a hand on the hip, it will loosen up your image and your arms will seem thinner.

Slightly turned posture

Do not pose from the front, it will make you look wider. And be careful with the profile photos, they bring out all the defects: prominent nose, jowls, belly, fat arms, ass, wide thighs… The idea is to turn the body a little to one side by slightly moving one shoulder forward. Put one leg forward a little, with your feet facing the camera, and slightly bend your knees, you will visually lengthen your legs.

belleza trucos fotos XxXx80 How to take good photos of yourself - Tricks to look beautiful in pictures

Face to be favoured in the photos

Very important in close-up photos or selfies!

Natural makeup

Be cautious and put on a natural and matte makeup base to avoid shine. If they take photos of you on the beach or on an excursion, there are coloured sun creams. A cheek blush in shades of pink (ideal for flash photos at night) will give you a fresh and radiant look.

shock look

To give strength to your gaze, lower your eyes to the ground and raise them just when the camera flash is about to fire. Lean slightly towards the camera, you will widen your eyes. Mascara and eyeliner or eyeliner will give it more depth. Be careful with the eye shadows, if they are very dark during the day or at night with a flash, they can make you look somewhat emaciated in the photos, better natural iridescent shadows. Do not forget the concealer for dark circles to eliminate imperfections and signs of tiredness. The result? A shocking look.

And bring out your best smile!

In front of the mirror learn to bring out your best smile. Natural but smiling to give life to your image. It’s a matter of practice, of looking at yourself and getting your exact point. To highlight the white of the teeth, go for a pink or peach lipstick, beige or flesh-coloured tones could make them appear more yellowish. Lips should look juicy, stick to moisturizing glosses and lipsticks with a gloss. To make them appear more voluminous, open your mouth slightly.

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