How to Simplify Your Life

How to Simplify Your Life and Be More Productive Each Day

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Contrary to popular belief, the simpler your life, the better and more practical it will be. Try to make your routine complex and you will see your productivity quickly decline.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid as much as possible, any form of unnecessary implementation in our lives, be it unnecessary habits, unnecessary tasks, unnecessary activities, etc.

The benefits of a simplified life are countless and contribute to always putting you one step closer to your goals and objectives.

However, you can’t always see the best available means of how to simplify your life.

4 Incredible ways to simplify your life

So here are (4) four incredible ways to simplify your life, making it more productive, easy, and efficient, focusing only on the simple and essential.

Delegate secondary tasks

Reasons Why Smart People Doubt Themselves

One of the most important lessons for those who want to simplify their lives is to understand and implement secondary task delegation once and for all.

Delegating means transferring the responsibility and execution of a certain task to a third party, who must then complete the task within the given time frame.

The purpose of delegation, therefore, is to take responsibility for the most superfluous tasks out of your hands, transferring them to someone else.

This is extremely important because it saves you time (which you can spend on something else more important), it doesn’t burden you with less important tasks, and in many cases, it even saves you money.

For example, imagine that you are a freelance professional and earn, per day of work, around $100.00.

However, you need to clean your house on a certain day of the week. At this point, two options arise for you: either delegate the task to a third party to do it for you or do it yourself.

Let’s assume, then, that the cleaning costs $80.00.

What would be the best decision in this situation?

The smartest thing would be to delegate the cleaning to someone else.

As you earn $150.00 a day, if you were willing to do it yourself, you probably would not be able to earn that amount in your freelance work, so you would end the day at a loss.

But, by delegating the task, you would earn what you normally earn, $150.00, you would pay the $80.00 for the cleaning and still earn $70.00.

That’s why delegating tasks is so important, especially after a certain point in your life: not delegating means not earning money.

This is exactly how great entrepreneurs do it in their lives and companies. None of them waste time on secondary activities, the more delegation the better, leaving them with only the most important tasks (generally creation, management, etc).

Therefore, if you want to start simplifying your life, the first step is to detail all your daily tasks, starting to delegate as many of them as you can, thus freeing up your schedule only for the most important things.

To have a simple life, be organized

Ways To Organize And Arrange The House
Ways To Organize And Arrange The House

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend every day because of the clutter in your life?

I can assure you: it’s a long time.

When you go out it takes hours to find something?

Need a document and search the whole house until you find it?

Unfortunately, your life is disorganized.

And disorganization has a cost, you, one way or another, bear the consequences of this excess of disorganization.

It may be a cash cost (by losing valuable things).

It could be a time cost (several hours wasted looking for something).

And it can also have an emotional and health cost (just remember all the stress and frustration you’ve been through not finding something).

Furthermore, disorganization is one of the main factors that drive procrastinating behaviors.

That is, it’s as if the disorganized environment works as a perfect setting for the procrastinator to delay everything he can until tomorrow.

The procrastinator avoids work due to the pain he assumes he will have in doing it, and disorganization overvalues ​​and magnifies this pain.

Therefore, if you want to simplify your life, start implementing a simple and effective organization process for your entire routine now.

There are a few simple things that help a lot to get organized:

  • Create to-do lists;
  • Define start and end times for tasks;
  • Keep everything in its proper place;
  • Make a habit of being organized.

So, if you want to simplify your life definitively, one of the essential steps for that is to abandon once and for all the habits of disorganization that you possibly already have.

Do it gradually, starting with small changes to your routine. A radical change may frighten you at first and make you retreat from your new goal.

Getting organized is essential for simplifying your life.

Set boundaries and learn to say “no”

have a limit How to Simplify Your Life and Be More Productive Each Day


When you say “yes” to one thing, you automatically say “no” to everything else.

This may not seem important, but it is (and a lot!).

Therefore, setting limits and knowing how to say no to things that do not add anything is essential to simplify your life as much as possible.

Do you really need more work on the weekend, or is this just going to be one more thing to keep you on your toes?

Is it worth accepting any situation because you’re winning or a little more?

Answering this type of question is essential because it is through them that you can define whether a certain thing, behavior, or habit is really worthy of entering your life and whether it will really help you to become more productive or not.

Knowing how to say no is a skill that should be in ALL areas of your life, not just work-related issues.

Therefore, you should also not accept that anyone takes away your peace and focus on your goals without a really important reason.

Many people completely lose track of boundaries, and if you allow it, it probably won’t be long before the situation becomes abusive towards you.

Boundaries serve precisely to divide the spaces of your life, they serve to “keep each thing in its square” and prevent your life from becoming chaos.

Furthermore, it is also true that knowing how to say no is one of the things that most contribute to your mental health: having the ability to say “no” to a certain thing and erase it from your mind at once, not dwelling on it. for days what happened, is a compromise you must have with yourself.

Therefore, if you intend to simplify your life, you must start saying no to superfluous, unnecessary things that are not in tune with your lifestyle and your purpose.

Embrace minimalism and make your life simple

Minimalism practice How to Simplify Your Life and Be More Productive Each Day

Minimalism is in (but unlike a lot of things out there, that’s a good thing).

More than just getting rid of things without any kind of order, true minimalism is much broader than that.

Being a supporter of minimalism means knowing the value of quality. Knowing that quantity can NEVER overcome quality.

Instead of dozens of low-quality things, one quality thing is better, which will last much longer and save you a lot in the long run.

In addition, being a fan of a minimalist life brings another incredible benefit: it has the ability to make your life much simpler, which makes everything perfect for you to reach the maximum of your productivity.

The logic is simple, just try to imagine how someone could lead a simple and practical life with tons of stuff cluttering their life on all sides.

Also, don’t think that minimalism is limited to physical goods, with the advancement of technology, we also need to keep an eye on the so-called “digital minimalism”.

Today we have computers, cell phones, e-mails, clouds to store files, and daily backups… all of this may seem irrelevant, but it is not.

In the same way that physical things fill our physical space, digital files also fill our digital space, which ends up affecting your mental health, including.

In addition, minimalism “unlocks your creativity”

So if you want to simplify your life as much as possible and become productive, you should consider starting to consider a minimalist life right now to enjoy the countless benefits of adopting minimalism in your routine.


Simplifying life means making it easier, more productive, more dynamic, and, above all, more pleasant and less stressful as possible.

It must be borne in mind that excess often means trouble.

Too much information, too many tasks, too much work… sometimes, to reach the peak of productivity, you’ll have to cut some things out of your life and learn to say no judiciously.

Time is our most valuable asset and that’s why we should make the most of it, sharing good times with friends, family, and with the people we love and who appreciate us.

If you’re tired of the disorganization of your life, with the tips we’ve given you, it’s possible to start a life that’s absolutely more focused and productive by eliminating and defining limits on what comes into your life and what doesn’t.

By following our tips, it won’t take long for you to start reaping the rewards of a simplified, more efficient, and much more productive life.

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