20 Best Places to live in Charlotte, NC for Young Professionals

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If you are looking for the best places to live in Charlotte, North Carolina, this article will guide you to make the right choice.

North Carolina, with its alluring blend of good old-fashioned southern charm and vibrant 21st-century sophistication, Charlotte has become North Carolina’s most popular destination.

Its melting pot of nationalities, traditions, and ethnicities makes it a standout destination for food, culture, and the arts, while its growing economy, moderate cost of living, and abundant job opportunities have made it a tough competition for places like Atlanta and Charleston.

As a metropolitan of small neighbourhoods, each with its own unique character and charm, there is no shortage of options for prospective residents to consider. If you’re thinking of moving, get inspired by our roundup of the 20 best places to live in Charlotte, NC.

1. Foxcroft/ Living in Charlotte North Carolina

Before you run and hide from the whopping $749,304 price tag that most Foxcroft homes come with, consider the perks. Most residents are earning an equally remarkable household income of $120,607, while also benefiting from some of the lowest crime, unemployment, and poverty rates in the city, as well as some of the best schools, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Is a price worth paying, then? We believe so.

2. Third Ward

Want safe, walkable streets, a great selection of local businesses, parks and services, some top-notch schools, and access to Charlotte’s thriving commercial hub? If you answered yes, you may want to take a look in the direction of Third Ward, a charming little neighbourhood where you may have to pay $267,583 for a single-family home, but where you can expect a very attractive income of $97,409 in return.

3. Chantilly/ What Charlotte’s Like to Live In

With only 1,685 residents to its name, Chantilly is a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood that combines happy small-town living with easy access to downtown attractions. With a low crime rate, good schools, and an expected median income of $98,875, it’s not hard to see why so many people are eager to make it their next home.

4. Myers Park/ The best areas to live in Charlotte NC

Charming little Myers Park is an attractive destination for families, offering some of the safest streets in the metro, a great selection of parks and open spaces, and more good schools than anyone could possibly need. Despite being a primarily residential area, there are still enough bars, restaurants, and shops to keep residents happy…and even if it wasn’t, the median household income of $160,432 is almost guaranteed to leave them with a permanent smile on their faces. , in any case.

5. Freedom Park/ North Carolina to live

No, Freedom Park is far from one of the most affordable options in Charlotte, but for those who can afford the median home price of $597,814, it’s certainly one of the most attractive. Move into this highly exclusive neighbourhood and you can expect a small, tight-knit community, a great selection of public schools, some top-notch restaurants, and the envy-inducing household income of $125,762.

6. Stallings/ What it’s like to live in Charlotte North Carolina

You don’t have to live right in downtown Charlotte to take advantage of its attractions. As Area Vibes points out, for those willing to move a little further into the wider metro area, Stallings is a great pick. Close enough to Charlotte to allow easy access to big city attractions and job opportunities, yet far enough away to have a charming small-town feel, it offers residents the best of both worlds. Along with its stunning natural scenery (and all the outdoor leisure activities it has to offer), the town benefits from a great selection of amenities, including a weekly farmers’ market and an eclectic array of dining opportunities.

7. Beverly Woods/Charlotte City

While you’ll be hard-pressed to find a property for less than around $320,000 in Beverly Woods, what you won’t be hard-pressed to find are some extremely satisfied locals. While the price of the property may seem like a hard pill to swallow, the memory of the down payment is quickly erased once you experience the joys of a low crime rate, a thriving job market, a friendly community, a median income of $ 101,902, Safe, tree-lined streets, and some of the best parks, restaurants, and shops in Charlotte. Described by some residents as one of Charlotte’s “best-kept secrets,” it’s easy to understand why so many people fall in love with this peaceful little slice of North Carolina.

8. Providence Plantation

Beautiful, quiet, safe…for families, there are few destinations more desirable than Providence Plantation (which may explain why 44% of households have children). Adding to the list of attractions includes an excellent selection of local schools (all of which score highly when it comes to assessment and graduation rates), a job market that is capable of supporting the gargantuan median household income of $ 136,243, a polite and friendly community, and an impeccable selection of local businesses, outlets, and recreational opportunities.

9. Ballantyne East/Charlotte NC

9,064 residents have chosen Ballantyne East as their home, and a quick look at the facts tells you why. According to Area Vibes, the neighbourhood enjoys a 43% lower crime rate than the rest of the US (giving locals a 1 in 64 chance of becoming victims of a violent or property crime) ); an 80% higher median family income; and a 15% higher high school graduation rate. Yes, the median home value is 130% higher than the US average, but considering the perks of living in this highly desirable community, you’re unlikely to hear too many complaints about the costs of living.

10. Olde Providence North

It may sound archaic, but there’s nothing out of date about charming Olde Providence North. The median home price may be $479,853, but that’s more than offset by the staggeringly high median income of $148,734. Clean, safe, and close to all the necessities and conveniences you could want, it’s a great home option for those who can afford it.

11. Cherry

If you have $327,151 floating around doing nothing, you may want to consider investing it in the desirable neighbourhood of Cherry. If you do, you can expect a solid family income, some outstanding job prospects, a handful of top-tier schools, and a wide range of dining and shopping options. Although small, it offers great access to all parts of Charlotte, making it a great option for those looking to combine a laid-back lifestyle with big-city opportunities.

12. Providence Crossing

If you see an A+ rating on Niche, you can be sure that the place in question is a big hit. And judging by some of the feedback from local residents, Providence Crossing is exactly that. “Safe and friendly neighbourhood in a booming location. Numerous shopping malls, doctors’ offices and activities nearby. Ardrey Kell High School is close by and is one of the best high schools in North Carolina. Each house has a lot of lands and a lot of space. The neighbours are friendly and there is a lake shared with the two adjoining neighbourhoods,” says one, while another enthuses, “I love Providence Crossing. We have a nice atmosphere in this neighbourhood. We have regular neighbourhood functions like the Ice Cream Social with a bounce house, a Halloween party for the kids, Santa is coming to visit, Adult Socials to get parents out of the house, along with many other groups. There are always many children playing outside and the neighbours are friendly. We also have the best public schools nearby; Polo Ridge Elementary, Jay M Robinson, Ardrey Kell High School.”

13. Ballantyne West

If $98,856 sounds like the kind of salary you’d be willing to jump ship for, then consider moving to the desirable Ballantyne West community. If you do, you’ll find much more for yourself than a hefty disposable income. The educational system is one of the best in Charlotte, which, combined with the exceptionally low crime rate and the variety of public services and amenities in the suburbs, makes it a hugely attractive proposition for families. Meanwhile, millennials will find it an equally appealing destination thanks to its abundant job offerings and easy access to the heart of Charlotte. High house prices, unsurprisingly, come with the territory: Expect to part with around $313,277 for a decent-sized home.

14. First District

While the median income of $47,468 may be slightly lower than the national average of $55,3222, First Ward still manages to rank high when it comes to convenience. Affordable housing, low crime, outstanding schools, a welcoming community, a thriving job market, and more restaurants, shops, and recreation than you could ever imagine…with a list of attractions like that, we’ll take a slight hit to our pay.

15. Hembstead

Of course, housing in Hembstead doesn’t come cheap, but there’s a price to pay for living in one of Charlotte’s most desirable enclaves. If you can afford the $467,715 it takes to purchase a piece of real estate in this hugely desirable little neighbourhood, you can expect much more than a hefty mortgage. With a reassuringly low crime rate, almost no unemployment or poverty, excellent schools, and all the amenities and services you could possibly need within striking distance, it’s no wonder so many people want to live here. The expectation of a $152,393 income probably doesn’t hurt either…

16. Fourth District

For around $231,007, you could invest in property in Charlotte’s charming Fourth Ward neighbourhood. While property prices may be a bit above the national average, you’re unlikely to regret the expense after experiencing the safe and walkable streets, great selection of local businesses, shops and dining opportunities, along with the multiple parks and green spaces…not to mention the enviable median income of $88,798.

17. Providence Park

If affordable housing is at the top of your wish list, you may want to consider the desirable Providence Park neighbourhood, where just $185,189 will be enough to get you a good-sized single-family home. Along with great home prices, you can expect to enjoy exceptionally low crime, an abundance of job opportunities, and the kind of welcoming, friendly community we’d all love to be a part of.

18. Sharon Woods

Small but perfectly formed, Sharon Woods is a great destination for those who want to enjoy the quiet life while still being just a short drive from downtown. While the median home price may be a bit higher than the national average of $286,718, the clearly robust median income of $92,160 more than makes up for the higher costs of living. In addition to a great income, residents can expect a great selection of public schools, a low crime rate, and all the amenities and services anyone could need.

19. Dilworth

As far as neighbourhoods go, Dilworth isn’t the largest…in fact, with just 8,542 residents to its name, it’s one of the smallest in the metro area. But as we know, the best things in life come in small packages, an adage that certainly holds true in this case. The median income of $101,980 ranks as one of the highest in Charlotte, while its schools can legitimately claim to be some of the best in the state. Crime is low, amenities are plentiful, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming community. All in all, a seriously worthy addition to our lineup.

20. Uptown

If you want to experience the best that Charlotte has to offer, you’ll find Uptown to be an unbeatable prospect. Its small population of 7,828 residents benefits from manageable home prices ($263,826 should be enough to get a very decent-sized single-family home), respectable incomes (about $86,080 per household, at last count), a crime rate of almost non-existent, an excellent selection of schools and a plethora of world-class shopping, dining and recreational opportunities. If you want to live the high life, it’s Uptown all the way.

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