Habits of Rich People

16 Habits of Rich People Get Closer to Wealth Faster and Much Easier

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What is the difference between rich and poor people? There is a habits of rich people that distinguishes them from others. In this article, we will explain how to become rich by turning the habits of rich people into your own habits. So, stay with us to find the 16 Habits of Rich and successful people to Acquire more wealth.

Why is it important to know the habits of rich people?

If you think that studying the habits of rich people is a waste of time, you should know that the habits of rich people play a significant role in their success. you ask why Because 40% of what we do during our waking hours is under the control of our habits. It means 2 minutes out of every 5 minutes. How important do you think habits are in our lives?

Habits are like automatic flight modes in an airplane. When the pilot puts the plane on automatic flight mode, there is no need to do anything special. Habits do the same for us. In fact, we constantly acquire new habits throughout our lives. The help that habits give us is just like the help that the autopilot mode gives to the pilot. So it is very important to be able to change the habits of rich people into our own habits. In this way, we can get closer to wealth faster and of course much easier.

Of course, it seems necessary to pay attention to one point. Everyone, even the rich, has good and bad habits. In order to achieve success and wealth, we must try to maintain good habits and leave bad habits. 

These habits are obtained based on the research of Mr. Tom Corley. Mr. Tom Corley has spent years studying the habits of rich and poor people. In this research, 100 people were examined and the result of this research was 16 habits of rich people.

1- They read their income and expenses together

They read their income and expenses together
Rich people spend wisely

The habit of rich people is that they save 20% of their income and live with the remaining 80%. This habit of rich people is not about when they become millionaires or billionaires. Rather, by having this habit, they can become rich. That is, this habit paves the way from poverty to wealth.

Below are some solutions to save 20% of monthly income based on the habits of rich people. These are the ways that rich people themselves mentioned in Mr. Corley’s research.

  • Try not to pay more than 25% of your monthly income for housing. It doesn’t matter whether your house is rented or you want to own it. Of course, we know that this may not be possible with the economic conditions of the country. But we can try to think more about saving instead of looking for a better and bigger house.
  • Do not spend more than 15% of your monthly income on food.
  • Spend on entertainment but not more than 10% of monthly income.
  • Do not spend more than 5% of your income on a car loan to buy a car. 94% of rich people prefer to buy a car in cash rather than in installments.
  • Avoid getting into debt. Having a lot of debt shows that you made a mistake somewhere.
  • Always try to save 6 months of living expenses. This way, if you lose your job or your business goes bankrupt, you can use these savings to get things going again.
  • Pay for your retirement. It is very good if you work in a company that deducts a percentage of your salary as a deposit to a pension fund. Because you can receive this money whenever you need it.

2- They don’t gamble

They don't gamble
The rich are not used to counting on luck

Although surveys show that 77% of people who are struggling with financial problems are interested in betting, but we do not mean gambling only. Rather, we mostly mean hoping for luck. The habit of rich people is to rely on their own efforts and not luck. They never miss winning a house or a car in different lotteries. If they want to try their luck, consider the expenses they spend for their entertainment, not their savings.

3- They study every day

They study every day
Rich people are used to reading daily

Studying and acquiring new information that increases your knowledge about your business or profession will make you a valuable person for colleagues, customers, or clients. 88% of wealthy people have a habit of reading 30 minutes or more a day. Therefore, studying is a habit of rich people. Of course, this study is done in different ways and in different subjects.

  • 63% of the rich listen to audio books while commuting.
  • 79% read educational books related to their profession.
  • 55% read about personal development.
  • 58% read biographies of successful people.
  • 94% read about current events.
  • 51% read historical books.
  • 11% read just for fun. (Note: only 11%)

Why do you think studying is a habit of rich people? Because by studying, they increase their knowledge, and by doing so, they can identify opportunities better, and by identifying more opportunities, they can earn more money. This is what distinguishes rich people from others.

It might interest you to know that only 2% of people who are facing financial problems read about personal development. This issue shows that not trying to develop a person is what causes these people to not progress in their work or even fail.

4- They surf the Internet less, watch less TV

They surf the Internet less, watch less TV
Rich people don’t waste much time on TV and the internet

How much of your precious time do you waste in front of the computer screen, laptop, mobile phone, or TV? Two-thirds of wealthy people watch less than 1 hour of television a day, and 63% of them spend less than 1 hour a day browsing the Internet unless it is work-related.

You might ask, what do they do with the rest of their time? Because many of us spend the rest of our time surfing the Internet and watching TV when we go home from work. The habit of wealthy people is to spend this time on personal development, connecting with others (networking), doing volunteer work, working at another job or business, or pursuing a goal that has a worthwhile outcome.

But research shows that 77% of people who have financial problems spend 1 hour or more a day watching TV and 74% of them spend 1 hour or more a day surfing the Internet for fun. We see how different the habits of rich and poor people are.

5- They control their emotions

No one is forbidden to say whatever comes to his mind. Also, we don’t have to express every feeling we have. It is interesting that 69% of poor people often say what comes to their minds and express whatever feelings they have. It means that they are not used to controlling themselves and their emotions.

Instead, the habit of rich people is the opposite. Research shows that 94% of rich people filter their emotions. Poor people make themselves comfortable by expressing their feelings, but rich people know very well that if they say anything or if they express their feelings easily, they may destroy their relationships at work or even at home. Therefore, when they are nervous, they don’t speak and wait until they calm down and express their feelings in appropriate situations.


6- They network

They network
The rich care about expanding their relationships

As we mentioned, rich people value their relationships a lot. Because more and better relationships can make you find more clients, or even this relationship can help you find a better job for yourself. For this reason, almost three-quarters of wealthy people spend at least 5 hours a month networking and building more relationships. While only 10% of poor people care about networking.

Many rich people establish non-profit associations or charitable associations. One of the goals of setting up these associations is to expand their communication network. With this, they can communicate with more people and new areas and create new business relationships for themselves.

7- They act beyond the call of duty

They go above and beyond the call of duty
Successful people do whatever they can

We often hear this sentence from unsuccessful people: “This job is not in my job description”. These people usually only do what is mentioned in their job description and do not accept more responsibility. That’s why they have very little salary increase. Even this issue may make them always among the first options for retrenchment.

But the habit of rich people is the opposite. They try to do whatever they can. It doesn’t matter to them that they are doing more work. Rather, it is important that they help customers more and create more value for the collection they work in.

8- They set goals

70% of wealthy people pursue at least one big goal every year. While only 3% of people with financial problems follow a goal in a year. The habit of rich people is to turn their dreams into their goals, but poor people do not make efforts to turn their dreams into reality.


9- Today’s work is not left for tomorrow

The habit of rich people is that they do not leave today’s work for tomorrow. They know very well that postponing work increases the dissatisfaction of colleagues and customers and also affects non-business relationships. 

In order for our work not to be postponed, we must prioritize them. One of the best methods of prioritizing work is the method used by General Eisenhower, the 34th president of the United States of America. This method is so good that it is known by its own name, the Eisenhower matrix. 

10- They listen more, talk less

They listen more, talk less
Successful people listen more than they talk

Maintain a ratio of 5 to 1 for listening and speaking. That is, for every 1 minute you speak, listen to what others are saying for 5 minutes. This is the habit of rich people who talk less and listen more. Rich people have good public relations because they listen well. They know well, they can learn when they are quiet and listen. But when they talk, they are teaching others.

This does not mean that rich people are stingy in teaching others. Rather, they try to learn more by listening. On the other hand, most people do not like to be just listeners in their relationships with others. Therefore, when we give them a chance to talk, we can build better relationships with them.

11- They avoid poisonous people

They avoid toxic people
Successful people avoid those who hold them back

Our success is equal to the average success of the people we spend time with. 86% of the rich spend most of their time with successful people. This is while 96% of those who have financial problems spend their time with people similar to themselves.

Therefore, to end financial problems, we must try to transform our relationships. Instead of poor relationships (relationships with those who hold us back), we should look for rich relationships (relationships with those who can help us progress). We should try to increase the time we spend on rich relationships and on the contrary, reduce the time we spend on poor relationships. Rich relationships can help us find a better jobs, enter a new business, and find new opportunities.

12- They are not disappointed

They are not disappointed
Despair has no meaning for successful people

Rich people have 3 common characteristics: focus, resilience, and patience. They never get tired of pursuing their big goals. While those who have financial problems get disappointed very quickly.

13- Limiting beliefs are abandoned

Maybe you are one of those people who say: “Poor people don’t get rich. The rich are lucky but the poor are unlucky” or maybe you constantly blame yourself and say: “I’m not smart. I can’t do anything right. Whatever I do, I cause havoc.”

All these sentences are limiting beliefs that lead you to failure. In fact, you are not saying these things because you are a failure, but you are failing because you have these beliefs. To succeed, you must try to replace negative beliefs with positive ones. This is the habit of rich people. 

14- They are looking for a coach

They are looking for a coach
Successful people try to find a mentor for themselves

93% of the rich have someone to whom they attribute their success. It means that they introduce that person as the factor of their own success. A coach is someone who shows you the way and gives you his experiences. Be sure that if you really and wholeheartedly try to achieve success, you can definitely find a successful person who will help you in this way. Successful people like hardworking people.

15- Remove the word bad luck from their vocabulary

People who have financial problems usually create bad feelings for themselves. It can be said that their bad luck is a by-product of their habits. Poor people repeat their bad habits so much that these bad habits turn into a big avalanche like a snowball coming down from the top of a mountain and destroying their lives. So we should try to understand the habits of rich people so that we don’t find ourselves in the middle of bad luck all the time.

16- They know their main goal

They know their main goal
Rich people are happy because they are always working towards a big goal

This is the last habit of rich people and perhaps the most important. Those who define a dream or a main goal for themselves in their life and try to achieve it in life are the happiest people. These people are happy because they love what they do in life. They are willing to work more hours because they are trying to achieve a big goal. Yes, the habit of rich people is that they follow their dreams and goals and try to make them a reality.

We hope that considering the 16 habits of rich people mentioned in this article, you will try to put aside the habits that do not help you and attract the habits of rich people to yourself.

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