10 typical dishes of the United States that you should know

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Looking for new gastronomic experiences? North American culture has been responsible for surprising locals and strangers with all kinds of typical dishes that transcend generations and that still captivate either because of their simplicity or their flavor.

We propose an interesting journey through ten examples of typical dishes from the United States that will surprise you not only because of their origin or flavor but also because of the history behind some of them. Let’s discover them together.

10 typical dishes of the United States

10 typical dishes of the United States
Gourmand Girl Eating Tasty Hamburger at Fast Food Restaurant

Scrapple: Typical Delaware

typical Delaware food

We begin the tour of the American mid-Atlantic, exactly in the state of Delaware. That’s where this typical dish comes from, which mixes leftover cuts of pork meat cooked in its substance until obtaining a kind of pudding or mush, which is combined with corn flour and wheat flour to give a more solid texture and thus form a block. This recipe usually includes some spices such as pepper and thyme that give it a special flavor. Scrapple is served in slices, which can then be toasted for breakfast or made into a sandwich. It will fascinate you!

Geoduck, a very exotic typical dish

Typical Washington Food

If you love seafood, this will be another of the typical dishes of the United States that will not be indifferent to you. This variety of clams is considered one of the largest in the world and can weigh more than 7 kilos. Well, in the state of Washington you can satisfy your palate by tasting it in soups, sushi, or sashimi, with a very characteristic oriental touch.

Try Mountain Oysters in Colorado

sandwich between meals

Within American cuisine, this typical food is a popular appetizer in the region. The testicles of bulls or buffalo are ready to be breaded with flour, marinated with salt and pepper, and then fried and served accompanied by some sauce. Feel like a cowboy when you eat this dish from the remembered Rocky Mountain state!

Soup Time with Clam Chowder

typical dish of the United States

The range of soups is also diverse and proof of this is this type of thick soup with clams, which is usually accompanied by parsley or bay leaves as a garnish. It is one of the typical dishes of the United States that has different versions, white or red (with tomato) in Manhattan, Rhode Island, Outer Banks, and New England, the latter being one of the best known and made with milk or cream, potato, bacon, flour, and the respective seafood.

Save room for dessert with the Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie-Typical United States Dishes

You won’t believe the taste of this irresistible dessert created in Key West, Florida. Lime juice, egg yolks, and condensed milk make the pie crust, to which a meringue filling can be added. It will literally make your mouth water.

Lobster Roll, a stylish sandwich

Lobster Roll-Typical United States Dishes

Lobster meat for a sandwich? It’s possible! This culinary wonder is related to the states of Maine, Long Island, and Connecticut; in each one, it is served with some variations, but all retain their essence: cooked lobster meat served cold between a lightly toasted hot dog bun. It usually has an onion or celery filling and a mayonnaise dressing.

Turn up the heat with Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings-Typical United States Dishes

Buffalo, New York, you have to thank for creating one of America’s signature dishes that has become popular around the world. A simple recipe: wings or other parts of the chicken, carefully fried and coated with special sauces. The house sauce? The spicy touch that can be given by cayenne pepper with butter.

More flavor with the Cincinnati Chili

Cincinatti Chili-Typical American Dishes

A traditional meal that has curious presentations, but is very popular in that region. The bean-based chili is marinated with chocolate and cinnamon and is often eaten with spaghetti or on top of a hot dog.

The unmissable Virginia Ham

Virginia Ham-Typical United States Dishes

Cured meats created in the southern United States also have their charm. From the state of Virginia we bring this ham, which is obtained from the Berkshire breed of pigs and is mainly characterized by its salty flavor, which is not an obstacle to making an infinity of recipes such as entrees or sandwiches, to give you some examples.

The rib war between Kansas City and Memphis

Memphis Style Ribs-Typical American Dishes

It is not common for two dishes to compete in the same country, but if it happens with the pizzas of Chicago and New York, it is not strange that it happens with this dish made in two different ways in Kansas City and Memphis.

The Kansas style is characterized by its slow cooking on the barbecue and its tomato sauce with spices as a dressing. In the case of Memphis, the ribs are marinated overnight and then cooked until crisp. Without a doubt, they are 2 fascinating culinary experiences that are worth living.

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