10 Top countries to study Abroad for International students

countries to study abroad
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Students’ curiosity about the most suitable countries to study abroad prompted us to research this topic. According to a survey conducted by educations.com, Many students who participated in the survey of more than 2700 international students stated that when deciding where to study abroad, they would prefer countries over universities or a particular type of program.

The main reasons mentioned are the primary motives for students to study abroad. Based on your recommendations, we’ve compiled an overview of the most desirable destinations for studying abroad in 2021!

These rankings have been formulated on the following seven factors:

  • To access higher-quality instruction
  • To attain my professional objectives
  • To maintain my current position
  • To maintain my current position
  • To maintain my current position
  • To maintain my current position
  • To maintain my current position
  • To keep growing as an individual
  • To understand a new lifestyle or culture
  • To enjoy a thrilling moment, If you are looking to master an entirely new language,
  • To meet new people and increase my professional network.



The best country to study Abroad – Top 10 countries

1. Canada 

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For the second time in two years, Canada has taken first place in being the most desirable country for studying abroad. Canada is an obvious option for students who want to pursue a degree abroad due to its stunning natural beauty, its kind and friendly people, and an environment that is welcoming and diverse.

The universities in Canada are renowned for their technological advances, especially in information and computer technology. While tuition fees are less expensive, the institutions are comparable to those in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Canada is a diverse country due to its multiculturalism policy, and it also welcomes people from all over the globe.

Most Canadians are proficient in English; however, five percent of the population is French and French, making it the perfect place to learn the two languages when you study abroad. Beyond the school, there is plenty to do and see, especially for those who love nature and want to hike, climb, ski, and even swim through the vast landscape. It is possible to do all without worrying about security. Canada is a safe and relaxing place to be in!

Here are a few most important reasons to seriously think about taking a course in Canada:

Take a look at some of the most important reasons to think about taking a course in Canada seriously:

i. English is used everywhere.

Even though English and French are two officially recognized languages in Canada and enjoy the same status, You can easily be able to communicate and speak in English all over the country. While you are in Canada, you could avail the opportunity to learn French or improve your existing French proficiency. Most Canadian institutions offer degrees taught in English at the Master’sMaster’s, Bachelors and Ph.D. levels. Your first task is to find an area of study that matches your interests.

ii. Canada is home to a number of the top universities in the world.

 The universities of Canada have a long-standing tradition of academic excellence and a high proportion of graduate jobs. Many Canadian institutions compete with world-class institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom.

iii. Choose a multicultural and cosmopolitan perspective.

More than half the people do not speak English as their primary native language. Canada is among the world’s top diverse and ethnically diverse nations.

With more than 120,000 international students per year, you will be in a diversity of people within the classroom and society everywhere in Canada. This gives immigrants an advantage, as they can swiftly get used to the culture and make new friendships.

iv. You can live in a secure nation with a high standard of living—a lower crime level.

Canada is among the safest nations on the planet. According to Global News, Canada is the world’s second-highest-quality-of-life country in terms of social growth and development.

v. Universities place an enormous focus on research, and many people laud their innovative findings.

The majority of the study programs provided by Canadian institutions put a heavy focus on research. Students have the opportunity to take part in exciting projects and experiments designed to provide students with an education that promotes the ability to think critically and with a sense of the ability to see.

A significant portion of research carried out in Canadian institutions has led to fascinating new theories and noteworthy discoveries. A device to improve cancer detection, novel methods to protect the world’s oceans, long-lasting and effective treatment for HIV/AIDS, and other examples.

Incredibly enough, one of the first doctors who was black in the world studied in Canada as well. In addition, Banting, along with Best, was the first to discover insulin while they were studying at a Toronto institution.

More information on the reasons Canadians have effective methods of teaching.

The Bachelor’s program in Canada usually lasts for three years, while Master’sMaster’s degrees (often known as a “grad program) may last between one and three years.

 Traditional lectures are paired with group activities, workshops projects, assignments, and lectures in the university curriculum.

The typical classroom environment in the classroom of a Canadian institution is highly welcoming and friendly, with teachers being mentors who help students to become self-sufficient in their learning. It is evident that the Canadian university system is very like that of the United States in many aspects.

2. Australia

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 Explore the world “Down under” and discover the reasons Australia is a fantastic choice to study abroad. There is plenty to explore to do and see in Australia, and it has nine distinct zones and over twenty UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House.

You will undoubtedly discover your new home in Australia, no matter if you would like to be in the tranquility and tranquil Gold Coast beaches or the adrenaline in Australia’s Australian Alps. Australia is as third when it comes to accessibility to education at a higher level. Its cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are the home of various world-class universities.

Australia was also ranked 8th in the world rankings for personal growth, which shows that the country has more to offer than a top education. Learn in Australia and see for yourself why visitors across the globe come to this land of mystery and wonder.

3. Germany

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Germany is a well-known study abroad destination that ranks 3rd in the entire world and ranked first in Europe. Suppose you prefer the urban atmosphere in Munich, Berlin, or Frankfurt as well as the charming towns in Marburg and Freiburg and Freiburg. In that case, you are guaranteed the best education available at an affordable price!

Whatever their EU membership, students from abroad can go to Germany for no cost at the undergraduate or graduate levels. From the Baltic beaches of the coast and the Bavaria Alps, Germany appears to contain almost every European landscape that you could imagine – suitable for any season.

With the theme in the form of Oktoberfest, Germany has also provided the world with one of its greatest traditions. The annual beer festival brings crowds from all over the country to share in the joy. It is possible to participate in this wonderful tradition when you happen to be anywhere in Germany in the late part of September. If you can imagine yourself in lederhosen, hiking up a mountain, or sipping drinks in a hipster bar, Germany is the study abroad destination for you.

4. United States

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Many students want to travel internationally. The United States offers a plethora of possibilities to find the perfect study abroad experience. It’s one of the top countries for students to study abroad due to many factors. The country that spans both the Atlantic as well as the Pacific oceans gives you a different experience in all one of the states.

It is said that the United States is ranked second on the planet for access to higher-quality education and sixth for being able to experience a brand new lifestyle or culture! It is a great option when you are looking to have a blast between classes.

Why not create this the “home for the courageous” your own home, as well, and soak up the sun along the Californian coast, hike through Yosemite and Yellowstone, Do it all on the Great American Road Trip, take a bite of the best tacos in Texas or make towards Wall Street in New York?

5. United Kingdom

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Students who study abroad are certain to be captivated by England. The United Kingdom, from the bustling metropolitan vibe in London to the old alleyways of Edinburgh. It was ranked the top worldwide for the accessibility to top-quality education, thanks to the famous institutions like Oxford and Cambridge and other top universities across the country.

You will have access to vibrant student life in almost every city because colleges are present in every city! Although many international students are destined for London, other cities such as Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and Belfast have their own attractions and sounds, and adventures to provide.

 There is plenty to enjoy in the absence of school in the city, which is 4th in the world for culture and leisure. It is possible to have a royal time in the UK, from the afternoon teas to pints of a pub from castles in the hills to the imposing highlands with everything from bangers and mashing and fish and chips.

6. Switzerland

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Switzerland is a landlocked nation located in the Alps, making it beautiful and hilly. The Swiss are famous for their cheese, chocolate watches, watches, and army knives. Did you know that they also have some of the most prestigious universities globally? Swiss institutions are often highly considered for their ability to provide an ingenious setting for researchers and students.


Switzerland where is Switzerland, which is the European headquarters for the United Nations, has a significant number of foreigners, making it easy for international students to connect with people from across the globe.

Switzerland is a stunning country with stunning views and world-class cities. It is also among the most secure nations around, which means that students are secure in their new surroundings. Its central European position allows for easy access to a wide range of countries across France, from France to Austria. Switzerland is a destination in which you can showcase your adventurous spirit.

7. The Netherlands

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The Netherlands should be your next destination for studying abroad. If charming cafes, sprawling fields of tulips, and walks along canals pique your interests. From Amsterdam’s canals, museums, and canals to Rotterdam’s port town, the Netherlands is a country that has a distinctive rhythm of living.

Dutch universities are renowned for their exceptional English abilities. They also provide a variety of English-language classes that make it easy for students from abroad to choose the best course.

If English is your primary second language, Dutch can be one of the easiest languages to master! The flat terrain of the Netherlands allows people to ride all over the place, which is excellent for budget-conscious students. The Netherlands is an excellent study abroad destination for anyone who would like to get immersed in everything cultural and learn more about the past or simply experience the peace.

8. France

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Autumn in Paris


A French Republic is a country where food, culture, and wines can be described with one term: prosperous! France offers a lot to offer students who want to learn about the new world. It is a great place to learn about the French and has a lot to offer students, including their food and wines, and the latter is tightly linked to diverse terroirs or areas that contribute to every bottle’s distinctiveness.

Although each region of France is as distinct as its wines, Paris epitomizes what the country is famous for fashion, food, art, and romance. Even though Paris can be a fantastic option, other cities like Lille, Toulouse, Grenoble, and Lyon could also offer students an intense experience.

Where better to learn the basics in one of the loveliest languages than France? Go to France for a chance to watch the sunset from the Eiffel Tower or relax in the Mediterranean summer heat in Cannes.

9. Spain

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According to the old cliche, “We are heading to Spain. Spain is a top choice for students looking to learn about an entirely new way of living. There are many occasions to explore the many things Spain offers, whether you are enjoying tapas along the street of Seville or looking at the unique Gaud architectural styles in Barcelona.

Trains can be taken across The Moorish cities in Andalusia or walk from the mountains up to the ocean in Valencia and party the night away on the island of Ibiza. Spain has various educational options, including universities that date to 1218. What better reason to take advantage of it? Your next exciting adventure might be waiting in Spain.

10. Denmark

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In this list, Denmark, the land of fairytales, ranks eighth. Hans Christian Andersen and Lars Von Triers are the only two famous Danes who have made their mark throughout the world with their work. This is why this region of Scandinavia is referred to as the happiest place in the world.

Most students are based in Copenhagen However, other cities like Roskilde and Odense offer opportunities to travel to Denmark. Denmark is an active, living Disneyland where you can enjoy coffee near the Copenhagen Lakes, fairytale-Esque forests and towers, stunning castles, and cathedrals. Denmark is waiting for you if you are looking to visit the country that was the inspiration for films such as The Little Mermaid and Cinderella.

Most popular study abroad countries

The best countries are listed below. To study abroad, we have compared them to the features mentioned above. The most well-known study abroad nations follow the same pattern and are rated as follows:

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. Germany
  4. United States
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Switzerland
  7. The Netherlands
  8. France
  9. Spain
  10. Denmark

The top locations to study abroad

Additionally, we have selected the best countries to study in, and you can compare them for their characteristics listed above. The most prestigious destinations to study abroad follow the same pattern and score according to the following criteria:

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. Germany
  4. United States
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Switzerland
  7. The Netherlands
  8. France
  9. Spain
  10. Denmark

The best country to study for Indian students

Specialized courses offered by universities abroad attract thousands of Indian students each year. Foreign universities pay more attention to practical experience, which is one of the significant advantages of studying in schools in developed nations.

Students looking to pursue an overseas education can now choose from other options other than the UK, USA, and Australia. Students are looking at new nations to obtain a valuable education in the global marketplace in the current environment. We will identify the top 10 destinations that are ideal for Indian students who want to pursue their studies abroad in the following order:

  1. Germany
  2. Canada
  3. New Zealand
  4. Singapore
  5. France

Hope this list will help in choosing the country you want to select as your next place to study. For the most current information on the top colleges and universities worldwide, visit the links on our web page.


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